Won’t You Join Us?

The first day of school is coming up fast! Tonight’s Back to School Night is a powerful reminder of how fast time seems to fly during the summer months.

Last year was the first time I was early to the Back to School event at Lake Elmo Elementary. (I had to set up the PTA table.) That early arrival put me in a prime viewing spot to see how the building “wakes up” as its halls fill with students, teachers, staff, and families. The energy is tangible, moods are bright, and anyone who has a few seconds to pause and witness the vibrancy that echoes throughout the school gets a healthy dose of inspiration.

We’ll be there again tonight — 4:30 to 6:30, if you misplaced your note — with a little information about our plans for the year, some empty BoxTops forms, and an invitation to join the PTA.

Here are some things to know as you consider this invitation:

Joining the PTA does not commit you to volunteering with the PTA. Your membership is a simple gesture of support that helps us do some pretty great things throughout the year. In fact, you do not have to be a PTA member to be a PTA volunteer. You get a little extra shine on your halo if you do, though.

When you join your school’s PTA, you also become a member of the Minnesota and National PTA organizations. With that membership comes parent resources, and a few perks, too.

We make joining as easy as possible. When you’re at school tonight, you can pick up a membership form to fill out at your convenience. Simply bring the form in (with payment) to the front office, or even send it in your child’s daily folder. If paper just isn’t your thing, you can also join online. We’ll send you an invoice for your membership dues via PayPal.

Membership is renewed once a year. If you have joined the PTA in the past, thank you! Your membership was appreciated, and your continued support is greatly valued. Membership dues are as little as $10. Not a bad investment in your school’s community.

We’re excited for the new year, and hope you are too! Please join today, and help us make this one of the best school years yet.

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