So, What Happens on Movie Night?

Think back to when you were a kid, and chances are  you can remember that one movie you watched that made your brain go “whoah!”

Maybe it was seeing a favorite book brought to life, or the scenery of a far-away land that had you determined to visit a new country some day. Maybe it was connecting with a friend who loved that movie as much as you did, or the first time you saw your parent laugh hard enough to start crying.

We’re not going to promise that all of this will happen at our upcoming Movie Night at school on March 3, but it does help explain why we hold a Movie Night at school.

Our gym may not feature the extra-comfy recliners and digital surround sound that the premium theaters offer, but we’ve got kids who love to hang out, enjoy a good story, and create fun memories surrounded by friends, family, and some comfy blankets and pillows.

Admission is free. Popcorn and snacks will be offered for sale. The doors stay  open, so little ones with shorter attention spans have an outlet, and our chosen movie is one that entertains all ages.

We look forward to seeing you at Movie Night!

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