Playground Project

In the summer of 2018, the city’s sewer project at Lake Elmo Elementary will be completed.  This means our playground will need to be taken out and rebuilt after the land is reworked.  The Lake Elmo PTA saw this as an opportunity-with the district’s help-to improve our playground and make it an inclusive play space for all students.
To do this the PTA formed a Playground Committee and they have been hard at work this summer researching design options to replace our aging current equipment with pieces that will serve the needs of all of our Lake Elmo students.  The designs include inclusive pieces that children of all abilities can enjoy as well as a smooth surface to make the playground accessible to our medically complex students.  This will allow all students the chance to play side by side.   It has been amazing to explore all the fun inclusive design options.
To acquire a playground that fits the needs of all our students and will be a community asset for Lake Elmo, we plan to apply for grants and collaborate with the city government, Washington County, and other local community businesses to fundraise dollars for this project. In addition, this year we will also be dedicating PTA funds towards supporting the new playground.
It’s a big project. We are hopeful with the support of our community we can create a phenomenal playground space for our children.